Just For Parents

Helping Parents of Teens with Type 1 Diabetes

An Introduction to the Assessment

The Just For Parents Program is a way for you as a parent of a teen with type 1 diabetes to assess your own level of parent distress, determine what might be the biggest contributors to your stressed-out feelings, and then receive personalized tips about positive steps you can take. Our goal is to make diabetes management with your teen easier and more successful. The program has the following components:

  • Complete an anonymous assessment about your thoughts and feelings about you and your teen.
  • Discover your distress scores.
  • Learn about the potential sources of, or contributors to, your stressed-out feelings.
  • Receive key tips and strategies on what you can do to reduce your parent-related stress and make diabetes management with your teen easier and more successful.

This brief assessment should take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete. We suggest that you complete the entire assessment at one time, but you can do some of it now and some later, if you wish. You can use a personalized password to return to our website later.

If possible, complete this self-assessment during a quiet time when you are not too busy or distracted. During such times, people tend to think more clearly and respond to questions more accurately than they might otherwise.

Please remember that your assessment responses are completely anonymous, so please complete the items as honestly as possible. Also, please try to answer every item even if you are unsure.

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